Family Portraits FAQ

When was the last time you had a Family Portrait taken? Every year I am sure the question enters your mind. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan for that special portrait of a very special group of people… your family! Life seems to move by so quickly sometimes. I love Family portrait sessions because I know I am creating a a memory for you and your family to share for generations. This fall I will be offering Family Portraits on location or in your home and have worked with my past clients to come up with packages that I am sure you will love. I can also create a custom package tailored specifically to your needs. My style of Family portrait is not something you could get at a mall of a discount retail store. I believe in having a short pre-session consultation where we discuss what you want out of the portrait and what your plans are for the final images. So let me get to the most often asked questions:

What are Portrait Safaris? When I schedule a location for specific dates and book special packages and pricing, I love to call it a Safari. It is an opportunity for you to get your family ready, drive to the specific location and capture some amazing portraits. Although I book multiple families on Safari days, the session times are not rushed and are booked far enough apart for me to focus on you and your portraits. I usually pick locations that are great “family outing” places that can double as a post-session getaway for your family to enjoy long after your perfect family portrait has been captured. Past Safaris have been at Mount Charleston, Calico Basin, Redrock Canyon, the Valley of Fire and Tulle Springs.

When are your next Portrait Safaris and what is included? The next round of Family Portrait Safaris are scheduled for: November 1-2, 7-8, 15-16. If these dates do not work for you I can set up a custom portrait session to meet your needs. Some of this year’s locations are planned and some are still up for suggestion. As far as what is included:

  • 45 minute portrait session on location
  • Password-protected online proof gallery
  • Choice of 3 packages – a print package, a wall art package, and a holiday card package… more details can be given by request.

What if we want a portrait session at a location but cannot make it on the day you plan your Safari? I will be more than happy to book a personal time to shoot on location, however the pricing may not be the same as the Safari, as I am booking multiple families on Safari days.

Would it be alright to use my front yard, back yard, family room, cabin, etc. for my location? Absolutely! I love working with families in their own element and would love to create a portrait that clearly defines your style, whatever that may be. I have taken portraits with families and their pets, families with motorcycles, cars, on the lake in a boat, at the cabin, building a snowman, you name it! If we are planning a session that is indoors, please remember that I will need some extra room for lighting and there may be some re-arranging required for the sake of the portrait.

Would you be willing to work out a payment plan? Absolutely! I understand that times are tough so I can take a reservation fee of $50 to lock in your session, another $50 the day of the session, and will collect the balance upon delivery of your final images. Assuming you book a few weeks before your session, that will give you almost 6 weeks to pay in full.

What is the next step to booking a Family Portrait session? You can call or email me with any further questions you may have, but reservations for sessions are on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are ready to book a Family Portrait Session, I suggest you call me at: 702.366.5636

Family photographed at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, NV

Family photographed at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, NV


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