Forever 21 Fashion Show at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV

Shooting in JPG mode instead of RAW

Today I had some extra time and was near Las Vegas Boulevard so I stopped in the Fashion Show Mall to photograph a Fashion Show. The mall has a full runway and model box that lifts out of the floor every hour on the hour Friday-Sunday from 12-5 pm. Each week they feature a different store that is located in the mall. The shows usually last 10-15 minutes and will have 6-8 models walking the stage three times each wearing fashions from the featured store. This week, the store was Forever 21 and they were showcasing fashions for “Festival Wear”. I had my Sony a6300 and a few lenses, and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to test the JPG setting ( Extra Fine) as I normally always shoot in RAW format. I captured one show using the Sony Zeiss 24-70mm at f/4 and the next show using the Sony 55-210mm variable F stop lens set at the lowest F stop according to zoom. I had the camera set to shoot the max burst rate (11 fps) and wanted to see how buffering would be compared to full RAW files as well as the image quality. The camera seemed to shoot longer bursts and the buffer did not lag shooting in JPG mode. When I got home to edit the images, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the images. The white balance was a little off, but there are many different light sources in the mall, so that happens in RAW too. Other than that, the shots were crisp and totally usable. When comparing to the back of the camera’s display, they looked pretty accurate. They were much faster to copy to my hard drive and import into Adobe Lightroom. The white balance was a quick fix using the eye-dropper tool. Other than that, the images were great! I will not switch to shooting in JPG, but in a pinch, if I have limited card-space or am shooting something with a ton of action and need more buffer room, I will give it a try! Here are some images from today’s adventures…

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Fashion Show Mall: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Forever 21: Website | Twitter | Facebook |Instagram

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