Boston Proper Fashion Show

Boston Proper livened up the Fashion Show Mall runway with a fashion show that was not at all typical. The Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip is known for entertaining shoppers and heightening the shopping experience with a weekend fashion show on its unique runway that rises from the floor in the center of the mall each hour on the hour to highlight the retail outlets housed there. However, Boston Proper offered a fresh perspective on this well-known Las Vegas icon. As the spokes-model Tala said, “We are not from Boston, and we are far from proper.” The runway was designed to invite the audience into New York’s Central Park and introduce them to seven models showcasing three outfits each. Rather than display the “proper” fast-paced, attitude laden strut of average fashion shows, Boston Proper’s models strolled through the “park,” looking fabulous, and socializing with each other like friends. The models showcased Boston Proper fashions as the models “ran” into each other and revealed their “new purchases” from bags proudly displaying the Boston Proper logo. Some models even toyed with their phones or browsed the latest Boston Proper catalog while making their pass on the runway. Three male models were also featured “exercising” on top of the stage box where a live DJ set the tone of the show. I loved the concept, but the relaxed tone of the show and the models’ casual strolls did not match the high energy of the live music. Boston Proper has, however, upped the ante for originality and marketing. After the show, a spokes-model clarified the brand message, educated the audience about Boston Proper locations, and enticed shoppers to visit the store with a preview of the current promotions while brand ambassadors canvased the audience with Boston Proper catalogs and logo shopping bags. The concept and audience interaction was a welcomed change to the normal fashion shows, but the energy was lacking and failed to engage the shoppers throughout the entire fashion show. To see more of Boston Proper, find them on twitter: @Boston_Proper or Facebook:

All Images captured using the Sony A7II and Zeiss 24-70mm lens
Settings: M – 1/160th sec, F/4, ISO-160
#SonyA7II #SonyAlpha #SonyICLE7M2 #SonyRocksVegas

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