Nelson Night Photography Workshop Review

I recently co-instructed a night photography workshop in Nelson, Nevada at Eldorado Canyon with a fellow photographer and it was awesome! The class was limited to 10 attendees and everyone arrived well before the classes were to begin. We planned an introduction and safety briefing to talk about potential hazards and sign releases when an attendee pointed out a rattlesnake right by where we were all gathering. Now that got peoples attention and awareness really fast. I kept talking safety as I kept an eye on the snake while my co-instructor, Jeff Knox went to get the property owner to deal with it. He came quickly and put the snake in a cooler and drove it down the road and set it free. Jeff and I split the class in half and started our  one-hour lectures on our topics (Jeff taught Lighting a Vignette and Star Trails, I taught Capturing the Moon, Capturing the Milky Way,  Light Painting a Scene, and Photographing a LED Performer with Second Sync Curtain Flash). The hour seemed to just fly by and then we switched groups and taught again for an hour. After the teaching portion of the class, we had scheduled a time for questions and answers and had cool gift bags to give everyone thanks to Sony Cameras, Sigma Photo, and Bay Photo Lab, but as I was showing what was in the bags, the sky opened up and it rained for about 15 minutes! After the rain stopped, all attendees got to go out on the photographic property and practice what they had just learned while Jeff and I walked around answering questions and helping individuals with achieving their goals in making some killer night shots! We ended the night at a little after 1am, and everyone seemed very happy with the class and the location. I did learn a few things from this experience as well,and will use that knowledge on my future workshops!  I want to thank everyone who attended, and my co-instructor Jeff Know, as well as my assistant: Chuck Couture. I also want to thank Becka for being my model for the LED performer portion of my class. Here are a few images from my portion of the workshop:

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