Meeting a Really Talented Hooper

While walking on the Strip the other day and getting used to the Sony A7II camera, I came across a real talent. Not just another person who might resemble a celebrity or a person that bought a costume and expects tips for taking pictures of them in costume or character. This girl was spinning not one or two, but up to 4 hoops at the same time choreographed to music that she had playing on a portable player. She did not ask for tips or get upset if someone stopped to take a picture and then keep walking. She just kept hooping with a smile on her face. She was just doing what she loved and appreciated each person that showed her that they also enjoyed what she was doing. Her name is Miss MichelleBell and she just recently relocated to Las Vegas. I talked with her briefly after her performance in front of the Bellagio and found out she also loves spinning fire and came from Illinois. She has a great personality and a positive outlook and you could just tell from being in her presence that she loves what she does and the reactions from her audience shows her they do too! I hope to collaborate with her in the future on a few shoots that involve her LED hoops and also possibly some Fire one day! đŸ™‚ I was able to capture a few images of one of her many nightly performances with the Sony A7II, but I didn’t want to obstruct her audience’s view. To see her show in person, find her by the Bellagio fountains and if you appreciate what she does, tell her – or show her.

Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell Miss MichelleBell

3 thoughts on “Meeting a Really Talented Hooper

  1. Thanks for the fabulous writeup and amazing photographs of my daughter. You can only imagine how hard she has worked at her gift. She also endured many comments when she announced she was moving to Vegas to follow her passion. I am proud of her for following her dream and making it work just as you have. Thanks Mom

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