Molly and Seth… Engagement sessions

It’s not every day that I shoot an Engagement session or a Wedding, so when I do, I really try to make it an experience. But how often is it that my Clients make it an experience for me? Enter Molly and Seth. I knew Molly through a mutual friend for a few years on Facebook, but never met her in person until recently. She booked a Boudoir session with me and the results were incredible. During the session, she brought some Hockey items as her Fiance’ is a major hockey fan. I am also a huge hockey fan, so the session was a blast. I asked Molly if she had an engagement session, and she replied with a “no” and the wheels in my brain started grinding away. The next day I called a connection at the Orleans arena (home of the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team), and asked to get some ice time for an engagement session. After getting approval, I called Molly and let her know my scheme and the session was on! My plan was to have a two-part session: part one in the Orleans arena as a cute Hockey Engagement shoot which was a great experience, and part two being more of a traditional Engagement session at Lake Las Vegas. In getting to know this couple in a few weeks, I can honestly say I haven’t seen two people as in love as they are. They are funny, kind, and really connect – and it shows. They are truely a happy couple and I cannot wait to see their Wedding (if invited – hint) and hope to know them over the years as their Family Photographer. Thank you Molly and Seth, for restoring my faith in love. Seeing the two of you as happy as you are together is very inspiriational to me as a photographer and as a person.

Hockey EngagementMolly & Seth


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