Information about Boudoir Sessions

Lately I have gotten quite a few boudoir inquiries and have 3-day boudoir marathons every quarter, so I thought I would write about the sessions and try to give as much information as I can about what to expect when shooting with me in a question and answer format.

First, What is a boudoir session? The word Boudoir is French in origin and means “bedroom” – so a boudoir session is basically a photoshoot that celebrates the strength and beauty of feminity in a fun and flirty way. My sessions focus on “bedroom eyes” combined with some silk and lace. The attire worn is usually lingerie or draped fabrics and are usually purchased as a gift by a woman for her man, or for herself. Although if a man wants to provide his woman with the gift of a session for her, she will love you for it! When I am working in a boudoir session, it is all about giving you the model-for-a-day feel and I will usually have a makeup artist on hand to pamper and add special touches to make you look and feel like a rockstar in the bedroom!

What locations would you use for a boudoir session? When I have my 3-day boudoir marathons, they are always booked at a hotel. I feel the basics of boudoir are there and the hotels I book are usually moden furnished and offer the advantage of less personalization, meaning the focus of the shoot is on you and not your taste in furnishings. I do offer in-home sessions for my clients as well, but not during the marathon session dates. Shooting in a clients home brings out more of their personality and style, but also can be challenging. Lighting and space are usually the challenges I face, but always find a way to make it work! Another option for boudoir sessions are on location… yes outside! It could be in a grassy meadow, among the aspen at Mount Charleston, along the shore of Lake Mead, or really anywhere you would feel comfortable.

What should you bring and wear for a boudoir session? Silk, lace, stockings, heels, and that is just for starters! Seriously, most boudoir sessions are basically taken from your lingerie drawer, so I would recommend you bring what you have to give us a ton of options to find what will be best for your session. Although they have some amazing items, you do not need the most expensive lingerie from Agent Provocateur to do a shoot. Usually the basics of matching bra and panties, a teddie or corset can do wonders! Here is my Pinterest Boudoir Board for inspiration and below are some ideas I have had clients bring to me:

  • basic lingerie – matching bra and panties, babydolls, bustiers, corsets, silk pajamas, silky robes, teddies, etc.
  • accessories – heels, hosiery, jewelery, hats, feather boa, rose petals, you faavorite perfume bottle, your hairbrush and mirror
  • favorite sports team jersey or shirt with matching panties
  • retro pinup / burlesque – bullet bra, garter belt, seamed stockings, silk full length slips, corsets, pasties if you dare
  • the honeymooner – bridal veil with white lingerie, hose and heels
  • dedicated to him – his button down shirt, his favotite tie, his hat…
  • maternity boudoir – capturing that inner glow and outer grow, the perfect way to show off your baby bump
  • a holiday theme: sexy santas helper, mardi gras masks, etc.
  • fifi the french maid… or really any character you wish to become. live out your fantasies in your session
  • fifty shades of boudoir – some props are better than others, but handcuffs, a paddle, blindfold…
  • satin sheets, really anything in your imagination, boudoir themed

How “bare” do I have to be? Honestly, that is entirely up to you. At the beginning of your session I will discuss with you what your comfort levels are and if you have any areas that you would wish not to be the focus of any images. If you aren’t comfortable in lingerie, we can work with a robe, to keep you mostly covered but still use the boudoir style for my shooting and how I pose you. If you are more daring and wish to push the limits, please know that I do not do all out “porn” style images. I like for my style to bring out the classy sophisticated and artistic side of boudoir but the end result can still be steamy and sexy! I am comfortable with partial and full nudity but I never request this of my clients. If this is something you would want, please know that in these situations my goal is to capture you in the best way possible and that means not so much “in your face”, but more of an artistic and sensual approach. The best advice I would have would be to communicate your wants and expectations for your desires and comfort level before and during the session.

What if I am way too nervous? Do not let your nerves hold you back! If you would feel more comfortable bringing along a close girlfriend to be there with you, please do! I am used to working with nervous clients. Usually the first few minutes of any shoot (not just boudoir) have nothing but nervous images that will probably just get deleted. This is completely normal and you are not different than any of my other clients. Usually I will recommend that you start with your most modest of clothing options to “break the ice” and will typically start with head shots. Also if you want to bring some music to play during your session, please do. My goal is to bring out your inner confidence and will do everything in my power to help ease your nerves and keep you relaxed and confident because that is when your true beauty shines.

What if I feel like I am too old or too heavy for these images to be attractive? Every woman is gorgeous and has a bedroom bombshell tucked away inside her! Age and weight have no affect on this in my opinion. I will be using multiple photographic tools such as lighting and cropping to ensure I capture flattering images. I will be posing you in different angles depending on your body type and will also be using post-editing on your selections to further bring out your inner you! Notice that I did not say I will photoshop you. I can not and will not manipulate images to the point where you do not look like you – that is the point of this session to bring out the YOU, but I will work with unflattering blemishes shadows and creases and will to the best of my ability enhance the images you select. If you are 55, I will not make you look like you are 25, but I will make you look great for being 55. It is all about being confident and loving what you’ve got, no matter what it is and “bringing it” is going to make your images just amazing!

Will my images be used for anything publicly? Your images in a boudoir session are for you and anyone you feel is deserving of them. For all of the images I have used for marketing and promotion, I have asked my client’s permission and had them sign a release form allowing me specific usage rights. If I see an image from your session that I would like to use for an ad, I will first contact you and ask your permission to use it. If you are not comfortable, you have every right to say no and it will not be used. Your proof gallery is password-protected and only you and the people you choose to give the password to will have access to it.

How much is a boudoir session? Pricing can be discussed by contacting me directly, but my marathons are usually quarterly and are a set price at a set location on set dates. My upcoming marathon is $99 and includes one hour session with unlimited wardrobe changes, an online password-protected web gallery, 5 images of your choice professionally retouched, and one 8×10 print on Kodak Endura metallic paper. I will have a makeup artist on hand for an additional $25 that will be paid directly to the makeup artist. For any other sessions, or to book the upcoming marathon please contact me.

What if I have more questions? Just give me a call and we can discuss further a boudoir session and set up a shoot date and time. You can email me at: or call me directly: 702.366.5636

I hope this post helps you and I look forward to working with you soon. To see some samples from my last boudoir marathon, please visit my Facebook Page!

Glenn B.


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