Water and Electronics… tips for when they meet.

The "Subway"If you are like me, your entire world is surrounded electronics. Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Bluetooth, i-Pad, i-Pod, i-Mac – (just to name a few) are a major part of our lives, but something else is too – water. We need water to survive and we need a connection to Facebook to let everyone else in the world know we are alive. But… what if water and electronics should accidentally get together when you least expect it? The word on the street is that water can KILL our precious electronics. Did you know that water is not the real killer? Actually pure distilled h2o is not dangerous to electronics. it is all of the metals and additives that are the problem. But who spills distilled water, or who even has distilled water for that matter? Even if I had a 2000 gallon tank of distilled water, it will be the 8 ounce glass of regular water that will get to my electronics, or as seen in the photo, a wet trail. The picture is of me at my destination, the “Subway” in Zion National park. The trail to get there is a long one that has many crossings of a creek that you follow upstream to the “Subway” I was very careful to pack all of my cameras and lenses in wet-bags and then carry them high on my back in my Tamrac backpack, but for the quick “along the trail” shots I had my trusty smartphone with it’s 8-megapixel built in camera in my pants pocket. Well if you look in the photo, my pants are quite wet from the creek and my phone was to meet water for the first time. Here below are things to do and NOT to do if you get any type of electronic device wet:


* Do not try to power on the device or “see if it still works.” This will probably kill your device.
* Do not use a hair dryer to dry out your device. The heat output could damage the inner workings.
* Do not put your device in the microwave or an oven.
* Do not try to use canned air or an air compressor to “blow out” the water. This could push water onto more circuits in the device and cause more damage.


* Immediately take away any power source such as batteries.
* Take out sim cards, memory cards, and any accessories.
* Dry off any visible water right away.
* Vacuum out as much water as you can.
* If you can (depends on size of device) put in a bowl of UNCOOKED rice (close covers first from battery and card removal)
* In place of rice you can also try Silica Gel packets (who has these laying around?)
* Leave to dry for at least 48 hours UNDISTURBED (patience is a virtue).
* If you spilled a sticky substance on your device use 99% alcohol (rubbing alcohol – save the Vodka for if all of these tips fail).
* Hope for the best and try to power up the device (AFTER 48 HOURS).

If all of these tips fail, you will need to contact the manufacturer. My best advice is to be honest with them and tell them about the liquid damage. It will help them in hopefully repairing your device faster, and honestly – most devices now have internal indicators that show liquid damage.

2 thoughts on “Water and Electronics… tips for when they meet.

  1. Great post. I like that you are sharing the knowledge. This is very good info to know. Hopefully, I won’t have to refer back to this post but at least I have a place to come if I ever need to follow through on these tips.

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