“Faux-tographers” defined…

The word “Faux-tographer” gets a new definition of low: Faux-tographer – a person claiming to be a photographer by stealing other Pro Photographer’s images, removing their watermarks, and then posting the stolen images with their watermark on a site to promote themselves as the artist. I cannot believe someone would do this, but unfortunately it was reported by a well-known and respected Photographer – Gary Fong and well documented here on this blog: http://stopstealingphotos.tumblr.com/post/29831962568/24-7-protography-benjamin-ramalho-photography

In this case there were over 37 Real, hard-working Professional Photographers stolen from by “24/7 PROtography” (http://www.247protography.com/) which is a business ran by: Benjamin Ramalho. The REALLY sad thing about this case is that “Ben” has changed his story multiple times before admitting to STEALING but still has stolen images on the site… PATHETIC.

There are other examples, the most known by me would be Meagan Kunert, who stole images… but at least when she was caught ADMITTED her guilt and even wrote a blog about it: http://www.potsc.com/potsc/how-i-ruined-my-career/

Think it doesn’t happen here in Vegas? GUESS AGAIN… Sin City Photography is also  a PHOTO THIEF, read more about it here: http://stopstealingphotos.tumblr.com/post/29905387646/sin-city-photography

My advice to new photographers: if you are new to the business and want to make an impressive book, LEARN how to take great images… study in school, or Intern for a real Pro, or just PRACTICE and find people willing to shoot with you and NEVER CHARGE when PRACTICING! BUT DO NOT EVER STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK AND CALL IT YOUR OWN!

My advice to “Faux-tographers” DO NOT STEAL. if you have, remove the images ASAP and apologize PROFUSELY to the Artist and PRAY they do not sue your ass!

My advice for PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Read this blog (http://soyouwanttobearockstarphotographer.com/2012/08/23/if-youve-had-images-stolen-off-the-internet-you-can-get-up-to-150000-per-image-stolen/) by Gary Fong on COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and sue the living piss out of anyone using images that are yours! MAKE “faux-tographers PAY FOR STEALING! If you see an image that you know is stolen, let your fellow PRO Photographer know about it so they can TAKE LEGAL ACTION!

My advice to ANYONE wishing to steal my images: DO NOT DO IT. I WILL SUE YOU.


One thought on ““Faux-tographers” defined…

  1. Great post. Sin City Photography is very unethical. I wonder who owns the company and I wonder why nobody has turned them in. I think the universe is calling me to do some research into this company.

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