A friend indeed!… Favorite Image of the Week!

Sometimes we all need a friend. yesterday was a day that I was feeling some serious stress from some things that are going on in my life and I just wanted to get away from everything for a bit and do something to give me a “calgon moment”. For me getting away means going to work, so to speak, and just feeling free with a camera in my hand and a subject to shoot. Fortunately I found a great friend in a model named Andrea and she agreed to get up early on a Sunday and do a shoot with me  “just because” at a location that actually didn’t work out too well, so we improvised and went to a close-by park and just worked with what we had. The highlight for me was seeing Andrea in this amazing dress and heels on a swing just smiling and having fun. A cool side-note to this shoot is we were just joking about the fact that she was in this beautiful dress and heels just swinging in the park and how odd that is, when a young girl came into the playground area in a dress and heels and began to swing while we were shooting. It was a great day and I thank you, Andrea for making it so!

~ Glenn B.

Andrea – Las Vegas, NV


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