Favorite Image of the Week, part one

As a photographer, I often find myself at a loss for words, so posting images is hindered by my lack of writing. Seriously, I stress about what I should write and this results in fewer image posts… so I have decided to start a weekly (hopefully) tradition called the “Favorite Image of the Week”. I will post an image or collection of images and then write briefly about why the image(s) was chosen, and maybe a little about the shoot of concept of the Image.

This week, I want to start with some current work, so the images are from a H.S. Portrait Session that happened this past Saturday morning! It was a fun shoot in Henderson, and actually… that evening I had a session with her older sister (look for those images soon). The concept was simple, bring out her personality and style in an environment that she felt comfortable in. She is a Softball player and a Cheerleader so we wanted to showcase those looks along with her personal style. She was awesome to work with and her mom was more than willing to assist with the shoot (thank you Cindy). Here are a few images for you to enjoy.
~ Glenn B.

H.S. Senior – Las Vegas, NV

H.S. Senior – Las Vegas, NV

H.S. Senior – Las Vegas, NV

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