I love what I do!… Family Portraits!

This weekend I headed up to Mount Charleston to do a Family Portrait with a great and existing client of mine. We met up at the Upper Lee Meadows and before we started shooting we were fortunate to witness three beautiful wild horses grazing in the early morning light. We found a few locations to shoot at and I love the images that came out from this session! It is an honor for me to think that we started working together when they were expecting their daughter almost 4 years ago, and now it’s amazing to see her walking and talking and full of energy and life (this session found her with “smiles for miles”). I would love to personally thank the Snowden family very much for braving the cold weather (it was in the 40’s up there in the morning) and for their loyalty to me as their photographer over the years! I am booking for this Fall for Family Portrait Sessions and would love to create memories for you and your family to cherish. If you are interested in booking a session, or just want some more information, please email me: familyportraits@beyondpairadice.com Also, the August edition of the Beyond Pairadice Studios Newsletter is out and available, just email: newsletter@beyondpairadice.com to be added to the mailing list.

~ Glenn B.

Snowden Family – Mt. Charleston, NV

Snowden Family – Mt. Charleston, NV

Snowden Family – Mt. Charleston, NV

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