Zion National Park, my first trip :)

A week ago I had the pleasure of visiting Zion for a few days and nights for my very first time. This was also my Daughter’s first trip to Zion and her first camping trip. Even though it was a little warmer than I expected, it was a great trip and I plan on returning in September to do the “Narrows” until my feet freeze off! Some of my favorite locations were “Weeping Rock” and the “Emerald Pools”. My daughter is a budding photographer and she didn’t seem to notice all of the hiking because of how majestic the surroundings were. I did venture up a few bends in the Narrows with my Daughter, but didn’t make it to “Wall Street” or “the Subway” this trip. If you are in the area, and haven’t had the opportunity to visit Zion yet, I definitely recommend it! If anyone in reading this is ALSO interested in doing the “Narrows” in September, email me at: glenn@beyondpairadice.com

~ Glenn B.

Emerald Pools – Zion National Park, UT

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