Cathedral Gorge State Park and Pioche, Nevada

Cathedral Gorge State Park – Nevada

I heard about a park about 170 miles northeast of Las Vegas called Cathedral Gorge and a few days later I found myself on the road at 3:30am headed for it. This place is beyond words. The more you look, the more there is. It has three main sections named Moon Caves, Cavern Caves, and Cathedral Caves along with other areas to explore the countless slots (caves) within the gorge. Once you get over the external beauty and start exploring the inner slots it becomes apparent just how amazing and deep this park is. I have never seen such beauty and think this is my new favorite getaway from Vegas. Also close by is a small town called Pioche, some may think it is a ghost town, but there are actually people that still live there! It was known as a very rough town in 1870 and from talking with a few of the locals, it still seems to be a town full of characters! Be watching for a gallery soon at the Beyond Pairadice Studios Website!

~ Glenn B.

Cathedral Gorge – Nevada

Pioche, NV

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