New Gallery at Beyond Pairadice Studios site… "Carnivale"

A new Gallery was added to my Lifestyle portfolio at my main website titled “Carnivale”. The shoot was a few years in the making in getting costumes and thinking of a great location, but while driving down the 95 last Friday night, I saw a Ferris wheel. I immediately pulled off the highway and found the person in charge of the Carnival. We talked briefly about the shoot what I wanted to do at their location and he was very accommodating! I scheduled the shoot for Sunday morning and then came the difficult part… finding 2 models on extremely short notice and hoping they would fit the costumes and be able to pull off the shoot that I had envisioned. I immediately went to my favorite resource for models: Model Mayhem and started emailing models for the Sunday morning shoot. One model contacted me back right away and I asked her to help me find another model for the shoot. She texted me Saturday evening and said she had no luck and I was re-thinking the shoot and trying to envision how it would look with only one model, and then it also dawned on me that it was Daylight Savings time the morning of my shoot so there would be an hour of lost sleep. ***Panic***. Did I set my alarm clock right, and then at 1am The booked model texted me again with good news: there would be a second model for the shoot and as an added bonus, she was going to bring another friend to help with lighting! The second model booked within only 7 hours of the meeting time of the shoot and actually was the first to arrive on location (beating me by mere minutes), 15 minutes early. On top of all of that, it was a cold and windy morning, so I was unsure of how the shoot would turn out, however… It all seemed to work out! check out the new Gallery here and leave comments if you would like, I would love to know what you think about this non-scripted and chaotic shoot on a freezing sleepless Sunday morning in March.

Glenn B.

Carnivale – Las Vegas, NV

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