A long overdue update and big news!

Since my last posting, some significant things have been happening! A big step in my eyes, and the big news is that Beyond Pairadice Studios is now officially in the Perfect Wedding Guide! Please check out my page on their site and feel free to leave feedback! I am very excited about this as it is my first official ad and I look forward to it coming out in the Spring edition of the Perfect Wedding Guide.

I must apologize for not keeping this as current as I should. The lack of posting is mainly because I have been trying to meet some self-created goals, and somehow forgot to post, but that too will change as one of my NEW goals is to post at least weekly with the happenings of 2009. This will include updates to my Beyond Pairadice Studios site and this blog and eventually the Glenn Brogan Photography site (which I plan to have up and running by the end of the year). The images here are some of my favorites from some weddings I have recently done. Enjoy and keep checking back… I will be updating! šŸ™‚
~~~ Glenn B.

Wedding Bride – Las Vegas, NV

Wedding Bride and Groom – Las Vegas, NV

Wedding – Las Vegas, NV

Wedding Couple – Las Vegas, NV

Wedding – Las Vegas, NV

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