Late Night Thoughts and Rambling…

While at Timbers (my favorite late-night food restaurant) I started thinking about branding in the marketing sense. What’s in a name? Beyond Pairadice Studios is the name I go by and it came out of many things. As the creator, I wanted to have something with a “Vegas” feel and it had to mean something to me. When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1997, I was in the casino industry during the night shift in a “Dice Pit” and doing my photography during the day. When I felt I was ready, I left the casinos to open my first actual studio in 2001. That is when Beyond Pair A Dice came to my mind as I was beyond working for someone else and on my own. Now I am working on a change that will give my studio a split personality. After thinking about the direction I want to be heading in, I have decided to also go by “Glenn Brogan Photography.” This new brand will focus on Weddings, Family Portraits, H.S. Seniors, and Maternity Portraits. Beyond Pairadice Studios will be the wilder side of my photography to include Commercial, Concept, and Landscape photography and will continue to showcase the models that I work with. So with all of that out there, you can now reach this blog by using: until the new site is built. I have rambled enough and my food is here, so… until next time…


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