My recent trip to Oregon and Alaska…

I must say that my trip was AMAZING! The scenery was so beautiful and working with some Fun and Talented people in the NW was great! I started by shooting with Katherine @ Cannon Beach during Sunset. She was beautiful and we were very fortunate to have a clear evening and a colorful sunset. When I got to Alaska, I hit the ground running with a Senior shoot with Bridget’s Daughter and a fun horse! The next day, I worked with Joanna, Melissa, and Jody at Girdwood and Portage! The backgrounds were surreal and I think the Images will be just breath-taking! I was also able to Work with Joanna’s family and her 3 grandsons! That was definitely a fun shoot with some portraits that I am sure they will cherish for years. The last shoot I did while in Alaska was with the Daughters of Shiva! for the shoot, we went to the Palmer Visitors center and Gardens and the Ladies worked it in front of some beautiful Flowers and a HUGE raspberry bush! All in all, it was an amazing trip and I look forward to visiting both places again and again and again! Thank you everyone for your support and if you missed out on working with me, be assured… I will be back! Images from the trip coming soon!

Glenn B.
Beyond Pairadice Studios

PS >>> Joanna, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are the BOMB!


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