Paying homage to my true inspiration… my vision… literally

Between my lens and my mind lies my true inspiration… my vision. I am writing about my eyes. They allow me the privilege see the world and give my mind things to think about all of the time, yet sometimes I overlook their presence and significance to me and my life. I recently read an article about the eye and it’s comparison to the camera in the digital world and I thought I would share some of this knowledge with you. I am not going to quote this article, but I will tell you where I got it, so you can read all of it for yourself, if you choose. It was printed in the August 2008 issue of “Popular Photography“. Most of what I am going to talk about is based on photography, so if it sounds foreign to you, read up on what you don’t understand ~ if anything it will help your photo-taking skills! Let’s start with the ISO of the eye: in daylight the ISO rating is 1 and the max ISO for the eye at night is 800. This refers to the sensitivity of the eye. In comparison Film’s lowest ISO is 25, and some digital cameras go as high as 6400 (we see better in the day and cameras have the huge advantage in the dark). Now let’s talk Depth of Field: the eye has the equivalent focal length of about 22mm and a field of view of almost 180 degrees at its extreme; our eyes are capable of f/3.5 at wide open. Camera Lenses have the advantage here as the fastest lens available now is a f/1.2 and there are some crazy fish-eye lenses out there, but i am content with non-distorted vision, thank you. The final eye detail I will mention for now is the one I have wondered about ever since I heard about digital cameras and mega-pixels… Resolution: the eye has the resolution of 576 Mega-Pixels! That in itself is incredible, as the biggest camera i have seen on the market is pushing about 39 mega-pixels. This is telling me that we are just at the beginning of digital photography and I am looking forward to see where it goes. I hope this opened your eyes to the marvels of… the EYE.

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