Inspired, at Studio Ohm

My 2 favorite Belly Dancers, Britt and Marisa invited me to an evening of performances at Studio Ohm last weekend and without a doubt I went… with a camera (of course). The main reasons I went were to see Britt and Marisa perform and see their students perform as well. To my surprise, the performances were not just of belly dancers, but included a wide variety of dancing and an amazing percussion finale! I had a reserved seat (thanks girls) in the front row and was supposed to come and enjoy myself and not work (take pictures), but how could I not bring a camera to an event like this? I didn’t bring lighting or flashes, just a fast lens and an open mind. The images captured were all in black and white and have a slight grainy feel reminiscent of film from years ago. Thank you all who performed for an amazing show and I will be posting images on my site for you to see in the near future. This show opened my eyes to some new styles of dancing and left me, … well… inspired!

Dancing Girl – Las Vegas, NV

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