What Sets Us Apart…

While re-designing the wedding section of our web site, I decided to add a page talking about our services and I titled it “What Sets Us Apart”. On that page I give a brief synopsis of our services and started to mention what I feel we do differently from our competition. This got me thinking this weekend while processing images from a few weddings that we have recently covered and I must say I am very proud of our product! We offer our clients a refreshing approach to Wedding photography. We give our clients a very easy choice to get Exactly what they want from us. We don’t force them into a “package” that they don’t want or give them products as filler to make it seem like a great offer. We offer a fully customized experience that my recent clients have celebrated and I feel we will earn their return business as their Life-story expands because of this. We just recently, in 2008, adopted this way of client-customization that I must give credit to one of my mentors Bruce Hudson for giving me the base ideals to work from. I was very fortunate to attend one of his seminars in late December and taking from what I learned, I morphed his teachings along with what in my heart I knew clients would want and here we are today! I do believe we are distinctly different and I love that we are!

Bride – Las Vegas, NV

Bride – Las Vegas, NV

Bride – Las Vegas, NV


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