A Monday Wedding to Remember…

As a photographer, here in Las Vegas, I do cover my fair share of Weddings but on Monday I was very fortunate to cover the Herro Wedding. The whole group of family and friends was from out of town and they were all very nice and easy to capture, but the Bride and Groom were very personable and exceptional clients! I enjoyed covering their reception so much, I offered to take them out to the “infamous” Las Vegas sign and shoot some newlywed images after the reception had ended. They really wanted to, but didn’t have a car… so I told them I would personally drive them there and shoot and then return them to their hotel after shooting. They quickly agreed and off we went…

Las Vegas Sign – Las Vegas, NV

Thank you very much, Alicia and Jeff, for allowing me the honor of capturing your special day! Have a great time on your honeymoon!


One thought on “A Monday Wedding to Remember…

  1. your photos here are awesome. I always wanted a picture of the Vegas sign to use in a scrapbook (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – except us )- but sadly after 10 years there I never got a photo of either side. Now I live in Louisiana and while I miss those beautiful desert shots I look around with wide eyes of all the possibilities to capture here. Maybe I’ll get Lora to take me some pictures of the sign, or use it as a reason to fly back and see old friends. Keep up the awesome work – love it!

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