The Death Valley Experience… Part 3

After waking at my campsite in Furnace Creek, I decided to drive toward Zabriskie Point to shoot some morning Photos. On the way there I saw this amazing dead and weathered tree in a field. I had to stop and admire it and decided to take a few shots…

Then I did end up at Zabriskie Point, but missed the “sunrise shot” that all of the park rangers had told me was spectacular. It was still a magnificent location and really still majestic and beautiful. I didn’t walk away empty-handed, and managed to capture this while I was helping other visitors by capturing them at this amazing landmark.

Zabriski Point – Death Valley, CA

After Zabriskie, I headed toward Badwater. This is a very popular spot and the sign marking the 282 feet Below sea level gets lots of attention by visitors so I couldn’t resist laying my camera on the boardwalk for a self-portrait…

Badwater – Death Valley, CA

You didn’t think I was going to post it did you? 🙂 Above is on the salt flats walking toward Telescope Peak (the snow-capped area in the background). After there I saw a sign for “Devil’s Golf Course” and the road went into the salt flats valley. I had to see what a Golf Course made for the Devil would be like so I decided to take the drive. The salt crystals there were amazing and very pronounced! The landscape, even though only a few miles away, was Very different from Badwater. The formations are very solid and jagged and seem to go on forever into the horizon.

Devils Golf Course – Death Valley, CA

From there I decided to take Artist’s Drive (a one way loop that has some very colorful scenery). Along the loop is a turn-off for Artists Palette. This place was just breath-taking! words can’t describe….

Artist’s Palette – Death Valley, CA

While still on Artist’s Drive I saw this bright yellow patch of flowers that stood out in the rocky terrain. I stopped to admire them and had to take them with me… well in images! They were beautiful and thoughts of them kept me smiling on my drive!

Wildflowers – Death Valley, CA

From there, I began by journey back to Las Vegas and while driving, I took time to reflect on the 2 day trek to Death Valley and all of the amazing places within the park that I was fortunate to visit and hope to return soon to see some of the treasures I missed on this trip.

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