The Death Valley Experience… Part 2

After Scotty’s Castle, a park ranger recommended that I visit Ubehebe Crater. Since it was only a few miles off the beaten path, I decided to check it out and it was definitely worth the extra miles! Here is one view from atop the rim, looking down and into the crater:

Ubehebe Crater – Death Valley, CA

The surrounding landscape around the crater was covered in black volcanic rock and looked very surreal. From there, I traveled to Stovepipe Wells and took a few shots of the Dunes close to there from the highway. Seeing the Dunes gave me some ideas for some upcoming shoots!

Mesquite Sand Dunes – Death Valley, CA

From there, I decided to travel across the park for a chance to capture Dante’s View at sunset. This trek was up a very wild and winding road, but the view at the top was incredible. From atop of Dante’s View, one can see the entire salt flats below and look across the vast valley at the snow-capped Telescope Peak. To make this view even more spectacular, some light clouds were forming right at sunset. I shot many images and here below are 2 favorites:

Sunset at Dante’s View – Death Valley, CA

The Salt Flats of Badwater from Dante’s View – Death Valley, CA

While atop Dante’s View, I met an astronomer (Ted) and he let me view Saturn and Mars and several constellations and individual stars through his telescope after I had packed up and was getting ready to go to my campsite for the night. Based on this experience, I took out my camera at my campsite and attempted to capture some stars, as the sky was alive as far as the eyes could see. Here below is one of my attempts at the Big Dipper: (no Photoshop and I was guessing exposure times)

Big Dipper – Death Valley, CA

My last day in Death Valley was just as incredible as the first and the details are… coming soon!

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