The Death Valley Experience… Part 1

I really had a great time in Death Valley over the weekend. I was able to see almost everything I had planned to see in the 2 days I was there. My trip started outside of Death Valley in Beatty and nearby Ghost-town “Rhyolite” (my favorite Ghost-town) with me shooting away…

Then I went into Death Valley and went straight to Scotty’s Castle. Along the way in the middle of the road, there was a beautiful coyote walking like it was his highway. I stopped and slowly got out of my car with a zoom lens and got within 50 feet of this magnificent desert creature and captured a few amazing shots before it started getting closer…

I got back in the car and proceeded to Scotty’s Castle. I spent over an hour admiring the architecture and the intricate detailing on the buildings, gates, and doors. This was one highlight to Death Valley and I am glad I went “out of the way” to go see it.

Part 2 Coming soon….



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